Waiatarua news travels fast.

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Before any of us arrived the Tui and Kereru were the fastest communicators in Waiatarua, and in the evening the Morepork.  And nowdays Tui still have the better of us, with about 50% of their conversation inaudible to human ear.  Cheeky buggers.

Kauri communicated silently, by grafting their roots together underground so that a stand of them effectively formed their own communication network.  Who know’s what they talked about, but it was probably a more mature and sensible dialogue than some of our discussions.

Here are some more modern ways to get the news in Waiatarua.

Waiatarua Newsletter – Waiatarua Community News

For the current year you can find out about and read our monthly newsletter here.

We also have an archive of all the issues from when the Waiatarua Community News began being delivered each month in 1988 (except for each January when we have a month off). 

See if you can spot the 2 issues that are missing.

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World famous in Waiatarua, the WRRA HOTMAIL was inofficially trademarked by our long standing president Dave Pocock (1994-2013).

It is a email service to all WRRA members and carries the most important and revlavent local news.  If you want to be informed about local issues then this would be the list to get on.  Simply become a WRRA member and will get the emails and can also quickly get your message out to other members.

Today is is being run by Gary Ertel, our Vice President.  Head here to find out more or sign up.