Broadband in Waiatarua

Many Waiatarua residents have slow internet, or none at all! Fast broadband internet connection is essential in Waiatarua for many reasons

  • Many of us work or learn from our homes; no fast internet and much of this becomes impossible.
  • We are further away from the CBD than most and the benefit to Auckland and the planet by being able to work online from home is indeniable.
  • Where there is copper ADSL, many of us suffer extreme slow-down when we have to share the local cabinet with our neighbours.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

The WRRA advocate on behalf of residents to government and council to improve this situation and are exploring ways to bring optic fibre to Waiatarua and looking at other wireless technologies to service hard to reach areas.

Watch this space for updates.

If you have questions you can contact your telephone and internet provider or feel free to discuss options with Michael at or, in the evenings, on 0279254852 and he will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

The Basics

Telephone and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide phone and internet services over the Chorus copper network.

You can check services to your address here:

Depending on your address you can get internet services like VDSL or ADSL and in some cases as slow as dial up.

The government entity, Crown Fibre Holdings, has yet to announce the areas that will be getting Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) over Optic Fibre in the phase 2 release.

There is a very real chance that Waiatarua can be part of this if we advocate hard enough – Waiatarua just missed out on the first round of UFB!!!  We were on the list and deleted at the last minute.

How You Can Help Waiatarua Get Fibre

Auckland council wants to know how good or bad internet services are at your home and office so that they can improve services.

Please fill out the survey here.

The survey is open till the end of June.

Do it now!!!!

If you have more than one member of your household who the speed of internet is important to, you can do the survey twice or more; just be honest about your address.

The “I-can’t-wait-though!” Options

Alternatives to fixed broadband are wireless options like Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) are delivered over the mobile network.

Companies offering this service can be found here:

Rural Broadband Initiative service providers

Another alternative is:

Stratanet Wireless Internet

But to get these wireless options you will probably need a good view.