The community centre at Waiatarua was built around 1975 for Waiatarua by the Auckland Council as a facility for Waiatarua community to gather for social reasons and to host events and activities.

The Waiatarua Community Centre is made up of a hall on the top level and the Waiatarua Library below.

Hall For Hire

Surrounded by peaceful lush bush the hall is a superb venue for any type of event.

The stage wall is fully windowed and looks out into a kauri grove and the sun streams in during the afternoons.

It must have been one of the last halls to be built with a sprung wooden floor; perfect for any kind of dance or movement.

1- 2 hour session


Half day hire session


Half day and evening function
(deposit required)



  • Maximum capacity of 100 persons,
  • Full kitchen with:
    • boiling water,
    • two ovens,
    • dishwasher,
    • crockery, cutlery and glasses provided,
    • Separate wash/food prep basins.
  • Car parking,
  • Free WiFi (VDSL),
  • Piano, and;
  • Tables and chairs.

For hall hire enquiries please contact John Goudge on (021) 232 9822 or email him at